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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by Martha. Enjoy!

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism.

Angliese, Jack, Sa'nai

One day we went to the Science Museum in Boston and we had a really great time. We saw dinosaur bones and we played with blocks and at a playground that had a lot of fun stuff like swings and a seesaw. We also saw fake animals and it was really cool because they looked so real there were so many different animals like lions! We also saw different animal’s teeth like sharks and lions! Another thing we saw was how they made the Pixar movies which was so interesting and awesome! They also had a lot of the characters from the movies like Walle and Mike Wazowski. It was such a fun trip!

We seen a car crashed

The night we saw a crash. We all ran to the window. My sister called 911.The car had crashed! The parked car looked very messy. That car went so fast. Then the cops came and so did the ambulance. It was red and white and took the lady. Moomoo then told us to go back to bed. Then moomoo watch the man cleanup from the window.But wat! We saw another lady help the other lady to see that l it was her. She looks like a Bun and sweater. The other lady ran away with something. Then Like was chowk to see that lady run out of the sen.