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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by Madeline. Enjoy! 

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism. 

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Hide and Seek at the Apple Orchard

It was really sunny and it started to get cold but I had my hoodie with me. We should play hide and seek in the apple orchard,” said my cousin. My sister said that she wanted to count. My sister counted in the middle My older cousin ran to the apple trees.Me and my other cousin ran to the potato farm.Then we heard leaves crumbling, so we started running faster and faster when we heard her voice come closer to us and we got scared but she ran to fast I ran and I almost fell next to the peach trees.I had to leave my other cousin because she got tagged so i ran and ran until I got to the middle  of so I hid in next to the apple trees and she couldn't find me. so then i heard my cousin say “let's leave.” I got scared. My heart was racing hard because they said that they were going to leave without me. So then I ran back to the middle  pumpkin and apple trees cause I didn't want to be alone and I also wanted to get cider donuts with them. We walked to a truck that had cider donuts.They tasted so good.They were delicious.Maybe next time I go to the apple orchard I can see the goats and roosters and chickens and feed them.

I’m writing about a time when I went to New Jersey.It was really fun.My first action was that  I woke up and took a shower brushed my teeth and then I started packing,Then i went in the car and after that we picked up my grandma. Then I got out of the car to help her with her bags. Then when we were in Connecticut we stopped by a shop and got soda and chips,Then we started eating some of the chips and we put the soda in the plastic cups my grandma bought. We started to get gas after that. My mom had to use the bathroom so we stopped by another shop in Connecticut. After that we started to walk back to the car and we stopped by at New York so my mom and my grandma can see a old friend,They were so surprised they got to see him again so then we went to go eat in a restaurant. We followed him so we can go to the restaurant and then we parked and we ate in Cape May not Atlantic City. After that we walked back to the car and went to the hotel. There were so many restaurants. There was a restaurant with a huge guitar out front. It was called Hard Rock Cafe. We went inside to eat. The room was clean and the bathroom was too. There was a restaurant we decided to see some famous people's clothes after like Whitney Houston. After that we took photos of the clothes. It was really fun.