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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by Tanner. Enjoy! 

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism. 

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One time me and my family were going to an indoor pool... AND WHEN GOT IN I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW! There were two giant pools in front of me! One that went up to 5 feet and another one that went up 5 feet! I jump into the pool as fast as I can but something surprises me? My skin was warm and I did not feel like I was about to freeze.             

The pool that I was in was bigger than the other pool. When I was swimming at 3 feet but I decided to go to 5 feet but that was a bad idea I ALMOST DROWNED!But luckily I swam back to 3 feet. When I was going to go 4 feet my mom and dad were calling me to race my brother and I beat him for the first round the second round I won again. Next, I raced my dad. I won the first round but in the second round my dad won.Jk my dad won all the rounds. Then I was hoping I will race my mom but my mom said no thank you.” said ok” then I asked my cousin if he wants to race me his name is wagner.Also, my brother’s name is janilson.I race my cousin I won then we had to go home when we got home  


One time my family and I were going to New Hampshire. We were going to sky riding  but I was scared. But, when I finally went on the ride, I wasn’t afraid anymore. My dad, mom, and my brother all got into one cart the cart was gray.The cart took us up to the top of a mountain on a zip line. It took 20 minutes to get to the top. On the way up you can see beautiful mountains and it was the best. The mountains were green and that surprised me because I thought there would be snow on them. When we got to the top, it was beautiful! You can see everything down below..Me and my family took pictures and when I say pictures I mean a lot of pictures. Also we went for a hike at the top. Then we chilled out and talked. After we relaxed at the top for a while, we took the cart back down to the bottom of the mountain. It was the best summer vacation ever.