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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by Kailey. Enjoy! 

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism.

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   My special day!

I woke up and right away I remembered it was my birthday.I jumped out of bed and ran to my mother’s room and I almost fell. When I entered the room I shouted “WAKE UP!!!”

She woke up and said “What day is it?”.

I shouted “ ITS MY BIRTHDAY!”.

She said “Go wake up your sister Maya”.

I ran to my sister's room and shouted “WAKE UP MAYA!”.She got a little mad so I let her sleep longer.

Then I called my friend on my phone.When she answered the call I said “IT'S MY BIRTHDAY”.(Also she is kinda like my sister. We have a lot of things the same and also because we are really close I've known her for my whole life.We also have the same name.)

Anyways back to the story. She said “Happy birthday”.

I asked her if she could come over but she said she couldn't because she had church on zoom. I was really sad because last year she couldn't come either because she got really sick.

But I said it was ok. I said “Can we play a game together?”

She said “Ok”.

We played pk xd,It's a really fun game.

Then my mom called me to come over here.I said to my friend “i'll be right back”.

When I walked in my moms room she said “Look what your uncle posted on facebook”.I didn't know what my mom was talking about so i looked on her phone.Then i saw a post saying it’s my niece's birthday today,she is now 8.But he said it in spanish because my family is spanish.But anyways the second we finished reading the post my uncle sent my mom a personalized video from youtube.

My mom said “What is this?”.

I said “I don't know?”.

My mom clicked the link and it was a video of little kids singing happy birthday Rocio in spanish.

I said “THAT IS SO COOL!!”

My mom said “I know!!”.

Then I said “Ok mom i'm gonna call the other Rocio now”.

My mom said “Ok bye”.Then i walked in my room and called the other Rocio (My friend) again.I said “Ok i'm back it was just my mom calling me to see what my uncle posted”.She said “Ok wanna play pk xd again”?I said “Yeah sure”.Then my mom said “Ok rocio hang up and get changed we are gonna go get your cake”.I said “Ok”.Then I said “Rocio I have to hang up but I’ll try to call you later”.She said “Ok bye”.I said bye back to her and then I hung up.Then I got dressed and got my mask and got in the car and we drove off.Also my sister Maya came.When we got to the store we went looking for the bakery at stop and shop where we usually order my cake.When we got there, There was nobody there at the bakery.Then my mom said “Because of covid you probably can't order cakes anymore”.I said “Aw man”.Then next to the bakery was a cake freezer.My mom said “we will just have to get a cake from here”.I said “I want the chocolate oreo cake”.My mom said “Are you sure this is your final decision”.I said “I'm sure".And we got the cake and bought it and got in the care then we drove off.When we got home my sister Maya said “Let's put on some music”.I said “Ok”.My sister put on savage.When the song was done we made a tik tok together.Then my mom said “Ok rocio go put on your shoes we have to go close the garage door”.I said “Ok”.I then put on my boots and went outside with my sister and my mom.When I got outside I saw my uncle and my aunt standing outside of there blue car.I said “TIO,TITI!!!”.Then they said “Heeeeyyy,Rocio!!”.I wanted to give them a hug so bad but I could because of covid.Then my uncle gave me a pink sign that said -We love you too much- in blue writing.I said thank you.Then my aunt held out a huge gift and a cake.I said “Oh my god thank you!”.Then my aunt and my uncle said bye and they drove off.After that we went inside.Then my sister maya said “Can i please show you a early gift”.I said “Well fine”.Then she handed me a bag.Then i reached both of my hand’s in the bag.Then I pulled out a…….A NINTENDO SWITCH!.

I screamed “OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”.She said “I knew you would like it you have been wanting for a long time”.I said “I KNOW”.Then I asked “Is it charged can i use it?”.My mom then said “Not yet we have to set up the balloons and flowers”.I said “Ok”.So I went in the kitchen and went to help my mom blow up the heart balloons.The colors were pink white and red.My sister tried to blow one up but she blowed it up to much it popped.When we finished blowing up the balloons my sister said “Ok lets play animal crossing on your switch and get you set up”.I said “Ok”.When I first opened the box my sister said that to connect it to the TV so she can also see it.When we got it connected to the TV I went into the game.Then I set my character up and set the name.I put the name Rose.Theni got settled in my island.Then I heard a knock on the door.My mom walked up to the door and said “Who is it?”.Then my mom opened the door and there was her boyfriend Steve was at the door.We are really close.Then he walked in with his hands full of gifts.He said where is the birthday girl.I said “I'm over here”.Then he went to the living room and said happy birthday!!I said “Thank you”.Then I saw he had a box of chinese food.My sister went upstairs.Then my mom said let's eat.My mom set up the table up.Then she got the food and put it on the plates.Then we turned on the TV and watched a movie called the grinch.when we finished eating my mom said “Cake time!”.I went upstairs to get my sister and she walked down the stairs with me.I helped my mom set up the candle on the oreo cake.Then they lit up the candle and sang happy birthday.Then I blew out the candle.My mom cut the cake and it was so yummy.Then I ate a slice of the cake my aunt gave me it was yummy too.Then i opened presents.I got a mini nintendo control game, some gum, pink lemonade powder,and two cool shirts.Then I opened the gift my uncle and aunt gave me, It was a barbie horse set.Then I opened the last one witch my mom got me and it was a super pretty bracelet, It had pink and purple jems on the heart.I said “Thanks for all the gifts”.They said “Your welcome”.My mom said “Now go to bed you have school tomorrow”.I said “Ok”.And I went upstairs to my room jumped in bed then fell asleep.The End.

Sssssst. Thats the when the steak was frying.I had just come back from School.My sister had picked me up from the bus stop. When we were walking to my house she said “happy valentines day”.I said “thank you”.  i was really tired and i had a little cold.At school we got to pass out letters and candy to each other. When i went upstairs my bed was made it had a huge teddy bear and a card and new toy horses.The teddy bear was really fluffy and on its foot it said i love you. I felt the fur on the teddy bear,it was so soft.My brother and sister got gifts too. When I went downstairs to say thank you to my mom I saw her making my favorite dinner.It was steak and yellow rice with corn inside. She almost never makes it.(it's one of the best dominican dinners).She served the food on green plates.My sister took her food upstairs to eat. Anyways while we were eating we watched sam and cat.what happened in the episode  was when they took money from a ATM my playing a song with the buttons.My mom said soon we are gonna go visit my brother.In august we went cause it was his birthday in august but that's a story for another time.She also said i've been doing well in was so good.When i finished eating i was getting ready for bed my mom said i could stay up longer. I was wearing my bell onesie from Beauty and the beast.But i had to go to sleep at 10:00 and would usually go to bed at 9:00.Since i got to stay up longer I watched glitter force.  But then i got tired.I fell asleep.