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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by Casey. Enjoy! 

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism. 

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It was an ordinary day. I got down from my bunk bed and sighed “Time to get ready”.

I dragged my body to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I got dressed and went downstairs. It was a normal day...or at least I thought it was.

Stephanie (my big sister) said good morning to me and went to her room. Liliana (my little sister) said good morning with a kiss and a hug. Marlene (my biggest sister) said good morning with just a kiss. I went to the pantry and the kitchen and grabbed Frosted Flakes (my favorite cereal), a bowl and a spoon. As I started to look in the fridge for the milk Marlene said “What are you eating?” as she was typing on her computer.“Cereal,” I answered.

“You know how you always wanted a dog?” she said.

“Yeah?” I’ve wanted a dog for more than 3 years! 

“Well my friend has a dog and she can't take care of him anymore so…” 

“So?” I asked.

“So she said on a group chat with me, her, and some other friends that she was giving away her dog and asked who wanted the dog and I said that I wanted the dog and now…she’s going to give it to us,” she mumbled. 

“I can’t hear you” I said

 “She’s going to give the dog to us!” in a louder voice. That’s when I took a breath in and yelled “YESSSSS!!!!” 

As I was in online school I was shaking with excitement. 

I remember when I was in school and we were learning something and I wasn’t paying attention and I got really confused that I didn’t know what to do so I ended up not doing any work. 

“I’LL BE BACK,” Marlene yelled. That's when I got really excited. At that moment I knew the dog was coming. 

(1 hour when she was gone) I was probably making a list of things for Marlene to buy but then got distracted.

(2 hours when she was gone) I was watching tv non-stop.

(3 hours when she was gone) My mom came home. 

(4 hours when she was gone) I was using my moms phone and playing with my friends. 

(5 hours when she was gone)Laying on the couch not knowing what to do. 

(6 hours when she was gone) I was watching more tv. 

(SHE WAS FINALLY HOME!!!) I heard Marlene open the door! I was soooo excited!!!

 I ran down the stairs as if I was in a marathon! When I got downstairs I saw him. 

He had black fur all over apart from his paws and his face. They were like a toasted marshmallow color. I felt like his eyes sparkled when he saw me. I went to him and petted him. I asked Marlene what his name was. “His name is Flash.” she responded.

“Flash.” I repeated

Me and my little sister were playing with him a lot. We ran with him around the house and we grabbed an old chew toy and threw it.

Then I noticed he kept looking at the door as if someone was coming and he was ready for them to take him away from us. I got worried and told him “It’s ok boy. You don’t have to be scared.” Then he looked up at me and his eyes sparkled again. I hugged him and said “It’ll all be okay.”


It was the day when I was going to get my little sister from the airport with my two big sisters and my mom. She was coming home from Texas. I was really excited to see Liliana (my little sister) for the third time. My mom said to put on a pink dress that had pink flowers to match it so I said “Why do I have to put it on?” Then she looked at me with a face that said “What?!” and said “If you don't like it then put on this.“ She was holding a pair of jeans and a shirt that she knew I hated. Then I said “Just give me the dress.” There is no way I am putting on a pair of uncomfortable jeans and a shirt that says “Cats rule dogs drool.” It was about 6:10 PM when everyone was ready to go. I was thinking about all the fun we would have “We could make pillow forts, or watch movies and eat popcorn together, we could even pull pranks on my big sister Stephanie!” As I was thinking about all the fun we could have a strange question crossed my mind. Why did my mom leave Liliana in Texas? Of course she wasn’t alone. She was with my aunt and uncle. But why would she leave her? I asked Stephanie “Why did mom leave Liliana with our aunt and uncle?” I guess I shouldn’t have asked that because she said “Why are you asking me?“ in a serious tone. I stuttered “Uhh I’m s-sorry umm I just wanted to k-know.” She told me “Mom couldn’t afford another baby and she didn't have time for one either so she looked for someone who could and our aunt and uncle could.” I said “Oh” with a surprised but blank face. I looked out the window. It was beautiful. All the trees were together and they were changing colors. All the colors from the red, brown, orange, to the green and dark green. The dress was making my skin feel itchy and uncomfortable. It was 8:47 PM when we reached the airport. I remembered when she was a few months old and she was still with us and that one day when we left her at the airport with my aunt and uncle. And the time when I went to visit her in Texas. It was so fun. We got to play a lot and have lots of fun. When I saw her in the airport she looked so nice and beautiful. She was in a beautiful flowey dress with flowers on her dress too. At that moment I felt lots of emotions. I felt happy, I felt joy, I felt like crying my eyeballs off. I could hear my mom telling me not to run but I ran anyways. My arms were open as big as a yardstick. I felt the tears coming down on my cheeks as I ran to her. When we got back in the car we kept talking and giving each other random hugs at random times. When we got home she was sleeping on my shoulder all cuddled up in her blanket. My mom carried her into the house and put her in her bed. That was one of my favorite days.