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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by Casey. Enjoy! 

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism. 

Raquell, Sofia D, Carmello_.pptx

When I got my FIRST tablet 

“ Good morning mommy and daddy” I said while yawning.I was walking over to my parents to give them a hug.I said to them “ I cannot wait to go to the Christmas party” I was jumping around.We usually go to my dad’s brothers house for Christmas.I asked my parents if I could open just one of my presents and they said

“Sure”.So I looked for which one I wanted and I found the one I liked.It was red and white and green with snowman prints.I opened it and I saw something pink I asked my parents “what’s this”.It was a case for my tablet.I did not really know what it was until I saw the tablet itself.I still did not know what it was but when my parents told me it was a tablet I got so so so so so excited.I ran to my parents and jumped on them giving them the biggest hug.I said to them a million times “ thank you thank you thank you”!!!My mom put the pink case on the tablet and once she set it up I kept saying “ Can I pretty please play on it now”?

She said “ Yes” I got so excited!Also this was not like a fancy tablet or Apple brand it was an amazon tablet but I did not care and I was so grateful that I at least had a tablet at all.Then my parents told me to get dressed.So I put on a dress with some fancy sandals which were pink and white.Then I walked over to the bathroom I brushed my teeth the toothpaste was minty fresh.I brushed my hair and went to pee really quickly then I washed my hands with soap.I was so excited!Then I looked in the mirror to see if I looked nice and I did I said to myself while snapping “looking good”.

My parents said to me “you look nice”. When my parents and my brother were all dressed we went down the stairs to the door and walked down the stairs again we went down 2 flights of stairs I got tired from walking all the way down the stairs but I managed to do it.Then we got outside and walked through the snow which felt really cold “Buuurrr” I said.

Then we got into the car.The seat was also cold.Then we drove for about ten minutes to my dad’s brother’s house (my uncle) so we drove through the snow and when we arrived sometimes I get butterflies in my stomach when I see family because I am really shy.So when we were there I said hi to my uncle,my aunt (my uncle’s wife),and my cousin’s (their kids).Then they asked me,my parents,and my brother if we wanted to eat and we said 


           “Yes please“.I was really hungry so I was excited to eat.I am pretty sure we had kale soup.It was very good “Yummy” I said I could feel the nice hot soup going down my throat it was delicious.The kale soup was a little salty also a little hot it had kale and a type of meat called chorizo.Then I finished my soup.Then after that I asked my cousins if they wanted to play  and they said 

          “Yes” but in reality all I really did was just chase them around their house.Then when I was done chasing my cousins I saw desserts on the table and ran to the table for some sweets.

            ”Can I have some” I asked my parents.

 They said “ Sure but not too much” I said 

            “Ok”.There were cupcakes on the table there were brownies slices of cake and ice cream sandwiches.I chose to eat some cupcakes the cupcakes had vanilla frosting but there was chocolate cake on the inside.My parents said to me

     “Is it good” I said 

   “Yes it is”.Then I finished my dessert.I was pretty full.Then I asked my cousins if they wanted to play.They said 

          “Sure but this time do we have to chase each other” they said.I said 

                 “No but we can play ball” I said.So then we all went outside to play

            ball.Then I told them “I am so winning”.

          They said “Are you sure because I don’t think so”.


                  I said “oh I am so sure”.Then when we started to play we were trying to see who could  hold the ball the longest without dropping the ball.Then I only held my ball for 20 seconds and my cousins held it for 40 seconds.I was kind of mad but it was ok since it was just a game.Then me and my cousins all went back inside.I was sitting on my mom’s lap.I started to get tired so I closed my eyes and I fell asleep.Then when my parents saw me asleep they got up and said goodbye to everyone and then me and my family drove home and when I got home I went to bed.The End.

Jellyfish Sting 

Me and my brother and my mom went to the Azores it was so beautiful.We went about a year ago.We stayed with my grandpa at his house.He is so nice and fun.One day we went to a beach in the Azores with no sand which was the best part especially because sand won’t get in your eyes that really hurts.The drive to the beach is kind of long about 50 minutes.The Azores is so beautiful and as I was passing by I saw plants and the bright beautiful sun and lots of nice houses. That day the weather was so hot.So when me my mom and my brother arrived to the beach we always go to this fruit bar at the beach with fruit like watermelon,mango, passion, fruit ,grapes and much more.I asked my mom for passion fruit and I love passion fruit so so much.We also got some watermelon.We saw my friends that I met the day before.Their names are Jamie,Makayla,Brooklyn,and Sophia.They were really nice and fun.Their dad’s name is Leroy who became pretty good friends with my mom.We all walked to the spot we wanted to lay our towels it was a nice flat spot and we were right near the sun.When we found the spot we liked we laid out our towels and put some sunscreen on.It was a really hot day so if I did not put on sunscreen I would look red like a lobster which would not be fun.So after I put on the sunscreen all of us including my friends walked up to the snack bar the floor was burning hot.We all got something to eat.I got a ham and cheese sandwich.Then when we all finished up our food we walked back down to our spot where we laid out our towels.I was laying down for a little bit trying to catch the sun and then my friends asked me if I wanted to go into the water so I said “sure”.Then me and all of my friends went into the water it was cold at first but when I was in for about ten minutes it got much warmer and the water was so pretty.So then we were all searching for crabs,cool shells, and some fish.We got some crabs but not really any fish.Then we came out and went into the bigger part of the beach.We went in and was much deeper than the one we were in before.It was also very cold but I got used to it since I had already went in so many times.We then went back to our towels and laid down for a while.Then me and my friends all started climbing the lava rocks it was pretty fun but I got some cuts which was not fun “Ouch” I said.My brother then went into the water and I did not even notice.So then that is when my brother got stung.The lifeguards are always prepared and one of them helped my brother Tiago get out of the water.He went to go see my mom who was at the snack bar with my friends dad Leroy.My friend Jamie was also there too.My mom told said to Jamie “Jamie can you go tell them what happened.So I saw Jamie rushing to us.She said, “Sofia”!”Your brother got stung by a jellyfish”!At first we all did not believe her and we said to her “really good joke”.When she said she was NOT kidding I told everyone “put on your shoes now”!We were running and bumping into everyone.As soon as we got to see my brother I kept saying “are you ok”? but he was not okay.He had a blanket over his head and would not show his face.I felt pretty bad for him.Once he started to feel better we all went back in the water.Then we got out it was cold mostly because it was getting darker.We dried up and went home.