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During our poetry unit, we had the privilege to collaborate with graphic design students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Each graphic designer set out to design forms and distribute our poems in unique ways that addressed the central message of each poem. Below you can see my poem’s design by SarahCatherine. Enjoy! 

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As a class we recently finished reading the Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor. This book tells the story of a Black family during the 1950’s during the civil rights movement. These diaries were written by students from the perspective of one member of this family, either ‘lois, the youngest daughter, father, or mother as the family faces discrimination, segregation, and racism. 

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Making a friend (Soleil) 

There were butterflies in my belly and i also thought i was going to frow up.

my mom Said, “its ok you don't have to be nervous it's going to be great.

 I said, “thanks you are the best.”  then i went to my preschool class then i asked if i could play with the doll house

Then I was playing a game. It was a dollhouse I was playing. Then we got to go to the playground. I said “YAY.” I was jumping up and down. Then a girl with a pink dress came to play with me  I asked “what's your name?” She said it was soleil.  I said “do you want to be friends?' 'Then i started to make friends and the first friend i made was soleil and then she said “ser” then we played until i had to go to another class.  

 Then I thought I was going to make more friends. So many friends.

                             Santa’s Village                                

One day my family and I went to check in at the Grand Summit Hotel. We got the room key from the lady at the desk. Then we carried all of our bags up to the room. The room was tan and big and had a sofa bed in it. After we unpacked our bags, we left to go to Santa’s Village. Santa’s Village was packed with games and people. It was very fun. My feet started to freeze, I couldn’t feel them. After some time we got to go to skyway sleigh. We also got a picture of me and my family. I looked the wrong way. That was an embarrassing moment.  I was looking the wrong way and they were looking the right way. After the picture, I got to drink hot chocolate. It was delicious. I also got to play games.Then we went back to the Grand Summit Hotel.  Vroom vroom we were driving through boston. there was some fresh air.  The service lady came and my sister thought she was going to take her peanut butter with hershey’s. That was funny.Then we were home and I felt the cold silver door knob .  Then I entered the room and felt the warmness. I got ready for bed and fell asleep right away. It was a awesome day with my family 

And my mom said to come so I saw all the stars. It was beautiful. Then we ate from a glass mug and we ate lucky charms. It was fun. We got to take a bath in cold water. It was getting more fun.